Event Cinemas launch Cinebuzz on Demand


Cinebuzz movie lovers to be rewarded with in-cinema benefits when renting movies with Cinebuzz On Demand.

Event Cinemas has today announced an extension to its Cinebuzz loyalty program launching additional benefits to members with a new Video on Demand (VOD) service – Cinebuzz On Demand.

The introduction of Cinebuzz On Demand leverages Event Cinemas’ extensive 2.5 million membership base and extends the film relationship between cinema visits, with every movie rental through Cinebuzz On Demand earning members in-cinema rewards for their next visit to Event Cinemas.

Boasting Australia’s largest movie-going database, Event Cinemas benefits from an in-depth understanding of consumer movie-watching behaviour. Cinebuzz On Demand capitalises on this data with the ability to target and curate options for members at the cinema and when away from the cinema.

Launching with over 1,000 curated titles available to rent from $4.99, the platform will continue to be bolstered with new movies that Cinebuzz members may have missed on the big screen or movies that may not have shown at their local Event Cinema. The platform will extend Event Cinemas’ reach beyond mainstream movies, and will utilise the Cinebuzz data intelligence tool to recommend films that Cinebuzz members may not otherwise be aware of.

In 2018 Event Cinemas initiated its Cinema of the Future project drawing on extensive customer research and analysis of behavioural data to innovate the cinema experience by investing in new concepts, which is already delivering strong results. The strategy also recognised the opportunity to design new seat options and new cinema layouts to maximise occupancy from underutilised space and meet the needs of a broad range of customers. Overall, enhancements made to the Event Cinemas experience under the Cinema of the Future project add value to movie-goers at every touch point. Cinebuzz On Demand is another step in this project.

Luke Mackey, Director of Entertainment Australia, Event Cinemas said, “Event Cinemas leads the entertainment sector as an innovator and we are excited to now extend our strong customer relationships beyond the cinema.

“We know the cinema experience cannot be replicated. In fact, our research has told us that visiting the cinema is all about immersion – the movie, the smell of fresh popcorn, the big screen, unbeatable sound and the shared social experience – with friends, on a date or as family entertainment. However, we recognise that our customers do not ‘live’ at the cinema, so 18 months ago we commenced the Cinebuzz On Demand project as a complementary movie offer for members to enjoy when stuck at home.

“Leveraging our strong 2.5 million member database and Cinebuzz recommendations tool, members can now rent movies on their favourite device anytime, anywhere and with no subscription fees, with the bonus of earning reward points to redeem on their next visit to the cinema.

“The power of the Cinebuzz database combined with our extensive film programming expertise will enable us to curate and recommend films on a personalised level to members.

“We’re also pleased we can further support the Australian Film industry by launching Cinebuzz On Demand with content from Australian distributors Roadshow, Madman, Icon and Palace.

“The selection of movies has been carefully curated to ensure that we can continue to support and promote Australian films, using data to recommend and introduce film options to members that may have not played at Event Cinemas or films that are no longer on the big screen at Event.

“Whilst governments have implemented COVID-19 restrictions, it has been evident with recent films including Wonder Woman 1984 and The Dry, that there is pent up demand from members to go out and be entertained.

“And while we have seen a strong return to cinemas, we see Cinebuzz On Demand as complementary to our customer experience strategy. Our core focus is still on giving content lovers the best in-cinema movie experiences, while Cinebuzz On Demand enables us to provide new options in an intelligent manner for when customers may be stuck at home or are on the move.”

visit www.eventcinemas.com.au/CinebuzzOnDemand