Event Cinemas opens transformed auditoriums in Sydney, with new ScreenX taking centre stage


Event Cinemas Opens Transformed Auditoriums in Sydney, with New ScreenX Taking Centre Stage

The first ScreenX cinema in Sydney officially opens at Event Cinemas Campbelltown

Sydney’s first ScreenX has officially opened at Event Cinemas Campbelltown, bringing a revolutionary new way to experience blockbuster movies to Greater Western Sydney, only the second of its kind in the country.

As part of a 2-stage refurbishment at the complex, Event Cinemas Campbelltown has officially opened 3 new auditoriums which have undergone complete transformations:

  1. ScreenX – the world’s first multi-projection cinema experience and a revolutionary new way to experience blockbusters on the big screen, featuring 3 screens, spanning across 3 walls of the cinema, providing a 270-degree field of view.
  2. V-Max – big screen, big sound, and a big choice of seats, including the brand-new Private Box seating.
  3. Original – Event Cinemas classic cinema experience, with the option to upgrade your seat to Full Recliners.

With multiple seating options across these cinemas to upgrade to, there is the perfect movie experience for everyone.


Event Cinemas Campbelltown ScreenX features additional screens on the left and right cinema walls to deliver an immersive, 270-degree field of view and display a picture up to 56.2 meters wide. It includes Dolby surround sound and options to upgrade your seat including:

  • Original
  • Full Recliners
  • Double Daybeds

With only one other ScreenX in Australia (Robina, opened by Event Cinemas in August 2023), the new Event Cinemas Campbelltown auditorium will take blockbusters on the big screen to new widths, covering the latest new action dramas and family favourites.


V-Max features big screen, big sound and big choice of seats, perfect for the biggest blockbusters.

Event Cinemas Campbelltown’s biggest V-Max screen offers a range of seating options for customers to upgrade their experience:

  • Original
  • Full Recliners
  • Double Daybeds
  • Private Box

The Private Box seats are located at the rear of the cinema on an exclusive elevated platform and feature luxury full leather recliners in configurations for 2 or 4 people. The Private Box experience includes unlimited super-sized classic salted popcorn and is the perfect option for date nights, family fun or to simply elevate your cinema-going experience!

Samantha Henshaw, State General Manager for Entertainment, EVT said, “At Event Cinemas, we are driven by the magical intersection where great content meets cutting-edge technology. We are committed to providing our customers with the best range of cinema experiences across our multiple formats, seating options and food and beverage offerings. We invite you to come visit Event Cinemas Campbelltown and be one of the first in Sydney to experience ScreenX. Along with the new V-Max enhancements and immersive features, our new auditoriums redefine blockbuster entertainment!”

The new ScreenX and V-Max auditoriums officially opened at Event Cinemas Campbelltown on Tuesday 30 January after a trial period across the summer holidays, with tickets on sale now. ScreenX will screen this year’s new releases including Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Dune: Part Two and Migration. These films will also be shown in V-Max, along with The Beekeeper, The Iron Claw, and the Australian film: Force of Nature: The Dry 2.

Stage 2 of the refurbishment will be completed in 2024.