Truffle love at QT Auckland


Renowned for their captivating aroma and unrivalled flavour, truffles are set to take center stage across menus at QT Auckland’s award-winning Esther restaurant and Rooftop at QT. Creative Director of Food & Beverage, Sean Connolly, has meticulously crafted dishes that pay homage to these cherished fungi, from truffle-infused sauces, butters and oils to delicate shaved garnishes, using local delicacies sourced from Tewnion Truffière in Canterbury and George's Truffles from Riwaka. Guests can experience the best of these unearthed treasures throughout June and July, while in season.  

Esther is having an all-out rendezvous, with their Black Diamond Truffle Lunch taking place on Saturday the 8th of July. The event promises an extraordinary menu for $150 per person, where nature’s most exquisite diamonds are transformed into culinary masterpieces. The lunch-time affair begins with truffle fonduta made with Bianchetto truffle and ciabatta, followed by textures of mushroom, quail egg, gold leaf and porcini soup with Périgord truffle. Indulge in Périgord truffle and rag pasta and duck breast served with brandy, mushrooms and a truffle cigar. To finish, Esther’s famous apple tart is topped with scoops of sweet and savoury truffle ice cream. 

Until July, Esther is offering Truffle Love, a $69 per person lunch menu with a pasture-fed eye fillet, roasted garlic and black Périgord truffle butter as the main event, available Wednesday to Friday, between 12 to 3pm. For dinner, truffle dishes are on rotation throughout the season, with the option, and recommendation to add lashings of truffle to whatever dishes guests fancy.  

For expert imbibers looking to unearth these treasures in liquid form, Rooftop at QT will be slinging truffle-washed elixirs. Negronis finished with black truffle drops, and the classic Gibson with a twist of Dancing Sands gin, Mancino vermouth, orange bitters, topped with shaved truffle.  Overload to new heights with truffle pizzetta and sliders. 

As truffle season unfolds, truffle lovers need look no further for their fix than QT Auckland.

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