Your favourite Choc Top just got even better!

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The Parlour Lane Company, today revealed it’s ‘sequel you’ll love more than the original’ for Australia’s favourite frozen cinema treat, the Choc Top. The experts at the Parlour Lane company have spent years perfecting the ultimate choc top and from today, cinema-goers can try it for themselves exclusively at all Event Cinemas and BCC Cinemas locations across Australia.

Cinema-goers have always enjoyed the perfect pairing of Choc Tops with movies, but have been left wanting more from the thin air previously found between the ice cream scoop and the bottom of the cone.

The new range is everything cinema lovers crave about choc tops and so much more, featuring;

  • an exciting new and improved shape allowing ice-cream to be evenly distributed throughout the cone
  • 4 delicious flavours – Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Choc Mint and Triple Choc Fudge
  • the creamiest locally sourced premium ice cream
  • layer of decadent chocolate coating the inside of the cone, with a chocolate filled tip

The chefs at Parlour Lane focused on making the best parts of the choc top even better. Parlour Lane Choc Tops have a chocolate-coating inside the cone, with a chocolate plug at the base, and ice cream running from top to bottom. The new shape ensures that the ice cream is evenly distributed throughout the cone, making for an even more enjoyable and delicious experience.

"As a chef, I'm always searching for the perfect combination of flavours and textures, and the Parlour Lane Company's reinvention of the choc top is just that. With quality, local ingredients and innovative techniques, we've created that nostalgic treat that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth and elevate the movie-going experience." Adam Petta, Director of Culinary EVT.

Bite now!